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"That's an amazing    invention but who would  ever want to use one of  them?"

 - President Rutherford B. Hayes; after trying the first telephone to call from Washington to Philadelphia.

Take a look at some of the additional options and services that Illinois Telephone Corporation provides at a discounted rate.

Add domestic long distance to your line(s) from Illinois Telephone Corporation and call anywhere in the continental US for only 5 cents per minute! This rate applies 24 hours a day 7 days a week and there are no surcharges and no minimum.

Need a toll-free 8XX number for your business? Add a toll-free number to your business line(s) from Illinois Telephone Corporation. Incoming calls to the 8XX number are only 5 cents per minute (domestic).

Illinois Telephone Corporation can provide your company with hardware solutions that meet your requirements for performance and economy. We provide installation of any required inside wiring at your business locations as well as installation and configuration of end user telephones and equipment.

If you need additional work done, our technicians can repair wiring in your home or install new phone jacks. Work is billed at reasonable rates in increments of 15 minutes. (Call for rates.)




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